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Individuals as well as shelters and rescue groups can post lost and found ads at no charge. Simply go to the Lost/Found/Missing Classifieds and then click on "Post a classified ad." Be sure to indicate the type of animal(s) in the subject line.

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    This week's featured Shelter:

    "Indiana Scales & Tails Reptile Rescue"

    Contact Information:
    steve mollett

    Marion, Indiana 46952
    United States
    Phone: (765)506-3099
    Email: Contact Me!

    Type(s) of animals we work with:
    Birds, Pet; Reptiles; Amphibians

    About "Indiana Scales & Tails Reptile Rescue":
    We are a not for profit reptile rescue located in Marion,Indiana.We specialize in snakes, lizards and other reptiles.

    Information about "Indiana Scales & Tails Reptile Rescue":
    We are dedicated to rescuing unwanted and mistreated reptiles in Marion, Indiana and surrounding areas. Any donations we receive are used solely for caring for our rescues; food, vet care and housing. Please take a few moments to browse through photos of our rescued reptiles. As reptiles are becoming more and more popular as pets the number of these unwanted pets is also on the rise. Many people walk into a pet shop and can easily purchase a cute little snake or lizard not realizing that in a few years these pets grow large, consume large amounts of food, and like cats and dogs, when upset they can have a painful bite. People also don't realize how much care is involved in owning a reptile, even a small one. Reptiles and amphibians require daily attention, food, water and vet care just like any other pet. Most pet shops do not offer information about care and behavior and their staff is uneducated about the animals they are selling. This is an ever growing problem resulting in many unwanted reptiles. Through our educational shows we will strive to inform and educate the public about reptiles, responsible reptile ownership, and issues dealing with reptiles and owners.

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