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Individuals as well as shelters and rescue groups can post lost and found ads at no charge. Simply go to the Lost/Found/Missing Classifieds and then click on "Post a classified ad." Be sure to indicate the type of animal(s) in the subject line.

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    This week's featured Shelter:

    "Critter Crossings Corp."

    Contact Information:
    Tami Zane

    Fallbrook, California
    United States
    Phone: 760-586-8516
    Email: Contact Me!

    Type(s) of animals we work with:

    About "Critter Crossings Corp.":
    All Breed, All Age, All Size Non-Profit Dog Rescue Rescuing and Adopting dogs throughout the state of California

    Information about "Critter Crossings Corp.":
    My Rescue Philosophy Whether you are actively searching for a dog and ready to adopt or are beginning to consider this step, we hope you find the information we provide here useful and helpful. We are happy to guide you in your choice of pet; whether you need advice on what breed to choose for your family and lifestyle or need help finding that specific dog of your dreams. Our family spent a year researching and choosing a dog that was right for our special needs family and want to share our gained knowledge and experience with you. Research breeds of dogs, their potential size, temperaments and what their activity levels are prior to adopting to make sure it's the best match.... for example, I LOVE Bloodhounds, but don't think my neighbors would appreciate them! Julie Klingsberg, Founder, President Critter Crossings Corp. "My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am." - Unknown Rescue Retirement Our Rescue Retirement Program is for qualifying adoptive homes in which the individual is 65 years or older; Critter Crossings waives the adoption fee. The dogs in our care that qualify as seniors are large breed dogs over the age of four and small breed dogs over the age of eight. Adoption Contract must be signed and all rules for adoption apply. These dogs are also available for adoption for a donation of $95. Our Adult Dogs Temperament assessments are done prior to determining placement for each dog with the hopes of finding a perfect match in an owner who will provide a forever home. We work with each dog on basic obedience training, leash training, socialization and housebreaking. Most of our dogs come to you crate trained (we cannot at this time supply the crate). All donations provided to the work of our rescue and are non-refundable. Our dogs come with new collar and leash set, feeding bowls, bed, toy, week's worth of food. They are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and microchipped. To learn more about each dog, please click on their photos. Qualified applicants, approved to adopt are asked to provide a donation for our rescue efforts. Please note the amount you can afford on your application for adoption; we do ask a minimum donation of $65 to cover sterilization surgery. Our Youngest Adoptable Dogs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ours pups come to you well socialized, housebroken and leash trained. Their adoption donation includes neuter or spay, microchip, food, collar and leash, their bed and a toy. Our suggested donation for our adoptable dogs under four months is $225. We have placed and are willing to place therapy dogs into homes with a prescription from a physician with no donation required.

    Special clauses, requirements, or other limitations on those who wish to adopt:
    Critter Crossings carefully screens each potential home to find the right family for each of our dogs. Each dog has a different personality, traits and needs; our goal is to make sure that the home they go to can meet their needs, will be a good personality match and has a high potential as a permanent home for the dog. Our applications are not considered first come, first served, but the best possible home for the dog. Visit this link to apply: Please send the completed Adoption Application to:

    If you have evidence one of our listed rescues, shelters or advertisers does not abide by our Code of Ethics, we want to know. Report complaints here. is a not-for-profit web site operated by the staff and volunteers of the Connected By Pets community.
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